Ring Video Doorbell


The Ring™ Video Doorbell is one of the coolest products that I have tested in a while. This great new product offers the practicality of a wireless doorbell, with the functionality of a video camera intercom system. The 720p HD camera transmits clear picture day or night and the two-way talk allows you, or anyone that you have added to your private account, the ability to speak with the visitor at your door from anywhere in the world.

Statistics say that most burglaries occur during the day when you are not at home and the criminal usually rings the doorbell to make sure that the home is empty. With the Ring™ Video Doorbell you now have an extra layer of security in place to protect your home and family.

The Ring™ Video Doorbell will video record day or night (using infrared LED night vision) with 180 degree HD quality technology. Anything that comes within 30 feet of your door will be recorded and the video will be stored safely onto your private cloud account. The cloud plan can be purchased for $3.00/month, or $30/year and allows you to review the saved video for 48 hours.


At the time of testing the product was priced at $199.00 from the Ring™ website, with four color choices. If you are thinking that is expensive for a doorbell then you are missing the point of this great product. This device is a doorbell, video camera, motion detector, security camera and video recorder that lets you see who is at your door and allows you to speak to them from anywhere in the world. It really is like caller ID for your front door.

The FREE Ring™ app has a two separate chimes, one for motion detection and another for the doorbell. Your smartphone will give you both an audio alert and a visual popup alert that someone has pressed your doorbell, or passed the video camera. You have the choice to accept the call, view and communicate with your visitor, or end the call and send the video to the cloud storage. The app provides you with the option to mute the outside speaker and or mute your smartphone speaker with a press of a button.

device-satin-nickelINSTALLATION – The entire installation and account setup took me less than 15 minutes and after a few modifications to the motion sensitivity I was operational. Installation was easy because of the thoughtful design and the handy toolkit that includes everything that you need to add your doorbell to any surface. The mounting bracket comes with a level and the doorbell can be connected to the existing wiring, or can operate from the chargeable battery, which provides approximately 1 year worth of use depending on your settings. After you have attached the mounting bracket to your wall, or door, you just snap on The Ring™ Video Doorbell assembly and screw in the two security screws which help to prevent theft. Ring™ will provide you with a free unit in the event that it is stolen.

CONNECTION – Connection to the home Wi-Fi was easy, as long as you follow the instructions. First step is to install the FREE app on your smartphone and connect to The Ring™ Video Doorbell network. Follow the easy instructions and you will have no problems.

OPERATION – As I mentioned above, I had to adjust my motion sensitivity approximately 10 times to perfect the distance and range so that I didn’t receive alerts every time a bird, or my neighbors passed by my door, but that was easy to manage using the FREE Ring™ app. The motion detection sensors trigger the camera to record both video and audio and then sends an alert to any smartphone that is connected to the administrator’s account.

I was happy about the notification time between motion activation outside and the alert on my smartphone. In my case, I was receiving alerts within 1-3 seconds after motion was detected and my router is over 25 feet away. The great feature about the motion alert is that I can look on the FREE Ring™ app and see in real time who is approaching my front door, or watch the replay from the cloud account.

The video is safely stored on your private cloud account and allows you to review clear color video of past traffic. The first month of cloud storage is free and each month after that is only $3.00, unless you buy the yearly plan for only $30.00.

Summary – My only negative with the Ring™ Video Doorbell is that you can only use it if you have a smartphone. I am hoping that the company is working on a device that can be placed in your home that provides the same video display, audio communication and doorbell chime without the need for a smartphone.


  • Mobile Access – Speak and view your visitors from anywhere in the world. Connect to the optional Cloud service, using the FREE Ring™ app and view recorded video from motion, or from the doorbell.
  • Wi-Fi Connected – easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network
  • HD Camera – you have crisp wide-angle HD video
  • Night Vision – infrared LEDs allow you to clearly see night, or day.
  • Two-way talk – speak with anyone at your door using the built-in speakers and microphone.
  • Motion detection – any motion in your chosen range will activate camera and send you an alert
  • Cloud recording (optional) – view live, or recorded video from anywhere in the world.
  • Dual Power – connect to existing doorbell wiring, or use built-in rechargeable
  • Certified for outdoor usage – built to withstand heat, humidity, rain, sleet, or snow.
  • Lifetime purchase protection – If your Video Doorbell is stolen, Ring™ will replace free of charge


five star ratingBuy The Ring™ Video Doorbell here.


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