Hurricane Survival Checklist

Hurricane Survival Checklist

Everyone should have a survival kit, regardless of where you live.  Whether you are dealing with Hurricanes, tornados, snow storms, earthquakes, or flooding you need to be prepared for the worst type of scenario.

We have complied a list of supplies that you need to have in case of a Hurricane.  Hurricanes are usually slow building and slow moving weather systems that provide plenty of warning and time to prepare.

In most cases, you will simply prepare your property for the storm and evacuate, but if you need to stay during a Hurricane make sure that you have a plan.  Careful planning is the only way to guarantee that you minimize your risk.

Points to remember:

  • Refill all Prescriptions and vitamins one week before storm
  • Carefully secure Insurance papers and important documents
  • The power will fail at some point in a big storm
  • Some storms can damage water plants resulting in zero water, or dirty water to your taps
  • There might be flooding in your home and neighborhood
  • Most deaths occur after the storm passes from flooding, or down power lines
  • Large trees around your home can be a danger during high winds
  • Make a list of gas stations that have power generators that can pump gas without power
  • Know the evacuation routes before the storm arrives

Check out our helpful guide here with information about what to do before a Hurricane becomes a threat.


  • CASH – ATMs, banks and credit card machines might be closed for days.
  • WATER – 1 gallon of water per person, per day for drinking and sanitation.  Prepare for at least 3 days.
  • WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS – great for purifying your drinking water
  • BLEACH – great for disinfecting and also to purify water – 16 small drops per gallon
  • FOOD – prepare for 3 days of survival with non-perishable foods and energy bars.
  • PET FOOD – cans of pet food are the best in these situations
  • ICE – ice is necessary for perishable foods & Prescriptions. You can freeze water & drink when melted
  • WALKIE TALKIES RADIOS – good to communicate when power & cell towers are down CLICK HERE
  • RADIO – a battery powered, or hand crank radio with NOAA Weather Alerts and extra batteries.
  • FLASHLIGHT – a free-standing flashlight is best, with extra batteries.  Have more than one.
  • BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM – provides 4-8 hours of portable power when utility fails.
  • PHONE CHARGERS – have portable cell phone charges ready with full charge.
  • HAND CRANKABLE CHARGER – provides power to cell phones and USB lights
  • FIRST AID KIT – a must for any home.
  • WHISTLE – used to alert others from long distances.
  • DUST MASK – used to help filter contaminated air.
  • PLASTIC SHEETS – used to cover windows and openings.
  • GARBAGE BAGS – used to collect garbage and for sanitary reasons, if necessary.
  • HAND SANITIZER –  moist towelettes also work well.
  • FEMININE PRODUCTS – always good to have more than you think you will need.
  • BABY FOOD & DIAPERS – always good to have more than you think you will need.
  • EXTRA CLOTHING – prepare to have clothing for rain, cold, heat.
  • MANUAL CAN OPENER – choose one with a piercing end for cans.
  • SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS – free standing lanterns are the best.
  • GAS GENERATOR – always keep outside and make sure it ventilates away from home.
  • GAS CANS – make sure to buy safe rated cans.
  • CHARCOAL – easy light is the best to BBQ perishable foods.
  • WATERPROOF MATCHES – easy strike are best.
  • CANDLES – wide based candles are the safest, but always use candle holder.
  • HEAVY DUTY GLOVES – you may need to move debris, glass and rough wood.
  • MULTI TOOL – knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, file, saw.
  • AXE – good for hammering, chopping fallen trees and branches.
  • WRENCH / PLIERS – good for turning off gas, or water utilities.
  • BOOKS & GAMES – keep everyone preoccupied.
  • PAPER & PENCIL – great for notes, directions, instructions.
  • HEAVY DUTY ROPE – great to have 50′ to 100′ of strong nylon rope.
  • DUCT TAPE – everyone needs duct tape
  • SCISSORS – heavy duty scissors should be in every survival kit

This list can be modified for any type of disaster.


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