Cobra AirWave™ Box Review


Cobra AirWave™ Box

I recently tested the Cobra AirWave™ Box waterproof Bluetooth speaker and I love it! I couldn’t find a thing wrong with this product. Period! Everyone that sees it in action loves it and wants one.

This will be a perfect graduation gift!

As with all Cobra products, this Bluetooth speaker is ready to go out of the box. No need to charge, or plug in to a power source. Just connect your source to the Cobra AirWave™ and you are ready to play your favorite music.

I have a Bluetooth adapter connected to my Bose stereo, but the sound was never perfect and it was always a hassle to lug the heavy Bose into the room with all of the cords, wires, plugs and then find the adapter.

With the Cobra AirWave™, you do not need an adapter, or wires, or cords. You just put the speaker wherever you want your quality sound and then play your music from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled device. It’s that simple!

The Cobra AirWave™ is not only lightweight, weighing in at only 0.84 lb. (381.01 g), but it is easy to carry around in a beach bag, or with a shoulder strap (not included). The sound is big, but the speaker is not. The dimensions are as follows:

  • (H) 3.60 in. (91.44 mm)
  • (W) 5.50 in. (139.7 mm)
  • (D) 2.18 in. (55.37 mm)

During testing I found that you can easily control the sound from any smartphone device, with bluetooth and the range is approximately 20-30 feet away.


The best part about the Cobra AirWave™ was the portability. I loved being able to move it anywhere with ease. I also love that it is waterproof and built to last. The rubberized shell and waterproof seal allow you to bring it anywhere. I took it to the beach and kayaking along the Florida IntraCoastal.

The speaker also acts as a speakerphone, by quieting music and allowing user to speak through built-in microphone.

The playing time for the speaker is approximately 10 hours, with about 120 hours of stand-by time. You charge it using the included USB plug, which can be plugged into any PC, or USB wall adapter.

I was able to easily connect to all of my smartphone devices and stream my music and there is an AUX plug to allow you to connect non-Bluetooth devices, such as older iPods, to the speaker.

The Cobra AirWave is designed to meet IPX7 standards. This speaker is fully submersible to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes and will float if dropped in water. Which makes this perfect for pool parties and beach outings.

Click here to view the Cobra AirWave™ on Cobra’s website.

I would give this product 6 stars out of 5 if that were possible. It is a great gift for any occasion and the receiver will love you for thinking of them.


OceanParadise Media Group received no compensation from Cobra for the product we reviewed, but we did receive the product at no charge for the purpose of testing. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

five star rating

Click here to view the Cobra AirWave™ on Cobra’s website.